Woman awarded $1.47M after office causes her to slip and fall

A woman in another state was recently awarded over $1.47 million after suffering injuries at a dental office back in 2014. Specifically, the dental office caused her to slip and fall due to its failure to maintain safe property conditions. Likewise, individuals in Kentucky who suffer injuries on business properties due to the owners’ negligence have the right to seek monetary damages in court.

In the recent out-of-state case, the woman was working with a dentist one day and suddenly stepped into water that was leaking from the office’s sprinkler system. The woman then slipped and fell in the water. The fall caused the 55-year-old woman to suffer injuries to her back, which required several surgeries. However, the surgeries ended up not fixing the woman’s problem.

The woman asserted that she can no longer work due to her back injury. She filed her lawsuit against the dental practice owner in April of 2018. Her $1.47 million verdict came after a trial that lasted eight days in early August.

Company owners have a responsibility to make sure that their properties are safe for other people to use. If other people slip and fall on their properties due to their carelessness, they may be held liable for the victims’ injuries in civil court. A premises liability lawsuit that is fought victoriously in Kentucky may result in the reimbursement of financial damages sustained in the accident. A judicial award of damages cannot undo the events resulting in a slip-and-fall accident, but it may make it easier for the victim to move forward from the incident.


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