Steak N Shake accused of causing woman to slip and fall

A woman in a state neighboring Kentucky recently claimed that she suffered permanent and severe injuries at a Steak N Shake restaurant due to the eatery’s carelessness. Specifically, the restaurant reportedly caused the woman to slip and fall after stepping in a puddle. She has thus decided to file a premises liability lawsuit against the restaurant.

The woman claimed that the accident happened while she and her husband were being taken to a table at the restaurant. The alleged fall caused the woman to injure her back, neck, shoulder, arm and wrist. In addition, the fall is said to have aggravated a medical condition she was dealing with prior to the accident.

According to the woman’s husband, the slip-and-fall accident caused him the loss of consortium and deprived him of his wife’s companionship and love. The couple asserted that the fall occurred because the restaurant staff kept the building’s floor in a condition that was unreasonably hazardous. They claimed that the staff should have properly maintained the floor and warned customers about the possibly hazardous puddle on the floor.

The woman who suffered the fall at Steak N Shake is seeking more than $50,000 in damages in connection with the incident. Likewise, any individuals in Kentucky who slip and fall due to an establishment’s negligence have the right to file premises liability lawsuits. If they are successful, they may receive damages that might help with addressing medical bills, the loss of wages, and pain and suffering stemming from these types of accidents.


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