Steak N’ Shake allegedly causes woman to slip and fall

A woman in another state recently claimed that she suffered serious hip injuries at a Steak N’ Shake eatery due to the restaurant’s negligence. Specifically, the restaurant is accused of causing the woman to slip and fall on a freshly mopped floor. The woman has thus decided to file a premises liability suit against the restaurant, seeking damages. Likewise, any person in Kentucky who is injured on a company’s premises as a result of the employees’ carelessness has the right to take legal action.

According to the lawsuit, the accident happened when the woman was attempting to leave the eatery. Employees had just mopped the floor and set out caution signs that indicated that the floor was wet. In addition, before the woman got up to leave, a manager of the store processed her receipt for her so that she would not have to cross the wet floor to reach the register.

The restaurant’s attorneys asserted that the eatery is not liable for the woman’s hip injury because the employees put out caution signs on the floor. However, according to the plaintiff, the employees should have known that she would need to walk on the wet floor to leave the restaurant after her meal. According to her lawsuit, the manager knew she was about to leave, which is why the manager processed her receipt for her, but the manager still did nothing about the wet floor she would have to cross.

If a business owner’s carelessness causes a person to slip and fall, suffering grave injuries, it is within the rights of the victim to seek damages through the civil court system. A case that is fought successfully may lead to a monetary damage award that might help with addressing hospital bills and other losses related to the accident. An understanding of what facts need to be proved will likely be critical for excelling in such a case in Kentucky.


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