Motor vehicle accidents involving semi-trucks may be fatal

A man’s life has sadly been snuffed out in a tragic truck wreck in Kentucky. He was 44 years old. Sometimes, these types of motor vehicle accidents occur due to a fellow driver’s carelessness, in which case the party who caused the accident may be held liable through the civil court system.

The car accident occurred along Interstate 64. According to authorities, a semi-truck was hauling wood and deck stain while heading east. All of a sudden, the truck went over the highway’s grassy median. The semi-truck then crashed into a pickup truck that was going west. Both motor vehicles broke through a highway guardrail and descended down an embankment.

The man who was driving the pickup truck ended up passing away in the accident. Meanwhile, the 47-year-old man who was operating the semi-truck suffered injuries in the collision and was transported to the hospital for treatment. Police are continuing to investigate the wreck.

The surviving loved ones of the pickup truck driver who died in the Kentucky crash may opt to file a wrongful death claim against the semi-truck driver, seeking monetary damages. The semi-truck driver’s employer may also be named in the civil suit. Liability needs to be established, based upon a showing of negligence, before damage claims will be decided. If the surviving family members are successful in such a case, they may receive a financial award that they can use to cover the deceased victim’s burial costs and other losses related to these types of car accidents.


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