Why hire a lawyer to handle your Kentucky immigration case?

The United States does not make it easy for people who want to come here from other countries. Those who want to work in the United States need to obtain special visas to do so, while those who want to live here permanently must go through a more complex immigration process.

Even those who have the support of an employer and who can pass a background check may find themselves struggling to complete the steps necessary to secure a visa or other documentation for work in the United States.

Partnering with an experienced attorney is often in the best interests of those struggling through the immigration process. There are three reasons to consider working with an attorney if you are fighting for your status as an immigrant.

Small mistakes can result in a rejection

Maybe you have a language barrier because you only speak a little English, or perhaps only someone else in your family speaks English and you rely on the help of translation services. That language barrier can make it very difficult to understand the complex instructions involved with the paperwork you must fill out during the immigration process.

If there are any inaccuracies on the paperwork you present to the government, those mistakes can be adequate grounds for the summary rejection of your application. That means that it is of utmost importance that someone fluent in English assists you with the process of handling the application.

Instead of working with a translator, it makes sense to work with a legal professional who has experience with immigration and visa paperwork.

An attorney can advocate passionately on your behalf

In a court hearing, you want to have someone who can speak enthusiastically regarding the potential benefits of your application. No matter how good of a public speaker you are, partnering with an attorney who has experience working with the immigration process can improve your chances of swinging the opinions of people with the authority to approve or deny your application.

Attorneys are not only familiar with the proper forms of speech expected in the courtroom, but they also likely feel comfortable making dramatic verbal presentations and arguing passionately in defense of their clients in court. Those skills may prove invaluable to you during any hearings you have to attend.

An attorney will know about rule changes and potential pitfalls

Much like the tax code, the rules for immigration are constantly under review and subject to change. What affected decisions last year or even a few months ago may no longer apply to your case.

For example, few people understand that the enforcement of a new rule focused on reducing immigrant dependence on public support systems like Medicaid and welfare has resulted in the rejection of visa applications. An attorney familiar with the immigration process and the Kentucky court systems will know what rules will likely impact your application and chances for successful immigration.